I originally created Turbology in order to manifest my passion for turbocharged performance cars. As such, you may notice that my graphic logo resembles the BorgWarner decal of the monstrous Group B Audi Sport Quattro, or that my text logo pays tribute to the Toyota turbo badges of the 80s. After a brief foray into selling aftermarket parts, I began to observe the steady degradation of our hobby. My goal has been to champion the ideology of community before industry. By working together rather than against each other, we can all achieve our dreams.

Media Partners

Throughout my long and sometimes unexpected journey, I have had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with some of our community’s most well-known and respected media professionals. From arranging high-end photo shoots, to filming viral social media content with pro drivers, to creating a proof of concept for a television series, I have experienced many outlets of contemporary media. Each and every time, I have learned something new, and I am grateful to these folks for sharing their creative vision with me.

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Event Partners

In working with so many unique and talented individuals, I have also been afforded the circumstances to both organize and attend some truly memorable events. I have orchestrated the logistics of transporting near-priceless vehicles to concours events. I have been lucky to participate in an unforgettable occasion with an iconic legend of motorsport. Beyond professional capacities, I have been both honored and humbled to help arrange several charitable events that remain near and dear to my core values.

Make A Wish
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